USA Swimming General Chair’s ZOOM Meeting Updates

23 Apr USA Swimming General Chair’s ZOOM Meeting Updates

Highlights from today’s (Thursday April 23) General Chair and USA Swimming Staff Zoom Meeting:

1. Safe Sport videos are being conducted for parents, athletes (12&over), and coaches every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively at 3:00 pm. These are available on the USA Swimming website and are free. They do count toward Safe Sport Recognition requirements.

2. Olympic Trials dates are June 13 -20, 2021. The hotels will be open for coaches/athlete reservations on April 30th and for all others May 18th. Tickets are still available. The ideal number of athletes at trials will be 1400 – 1500. Qualifying times are not being adjusted at this time; it is more important to decrease athlete stress allow them to safely get back into the water – swim first, compete later.

3. Virtual Swim Biz webinars going live May 5th – Tuesday and Thursday live webinars. These are designed to help with the business side of managing LSC’s and teams. Recruiting and Marketing Tool kit will be available soon as well.

4. Financial Support from USA Swimming for clubs will roll out next week. If you have already applied to Federal program, reconnect with your bank to make sure your application is on track.

5. Return to Operations checklist will come out next week from USA Swimming. The goal is to swim safely first, compete later. The checklist is for teams to use when planning re-entry complete with pool diagrams outlining social distancing suggestions.

6. Detrained athletes will need to re-enter pool slowly so as to decrease the possibility of injury. Athletes are encouraged to stay active until pool time is ready.

Thank you to the coaches, athletes, and parents for their patience during COVID 19 hiatus. Thank you to the Maryland Swimming Board for their continued commitment to the Mission. Thank you to the many volunteers that make Maryland Swimming a leader, an innovator, and a strong LSC. You Rock!!

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Home.
Anna Summerfield – General Chair, Maryland Swimming.

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