July 14, 2017 - Matthew Zou, CAA, Heads to Deaflympics Representing Team USA

USA Deaf Swimming National Team Prepares to Depart for the 2017 Deaflympics

In just 24 hours, the USA Deaf Swimming Team (Team USA) will be departing for the Deaflympics. Eight swimmers, all with hopes and aspirations of earning medals for the United States, will be departing for the games with coaches and staff. They will be competing with athletes from over 37 different countries. Please join us in supporting them on this journey!



2017 Team USA includes the following athletes:

Matthew Klotz, Cameron Park, California
Tyler Brown, Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Matthew Hopkins, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Matthew Zou, Ellicott City, Maryland

Elizabeth Cocker, Rancho Cordova, California
Alyssa Greymont, Morgan Hill, California
Molly Likins, St. Clair, Michigan
Emily Massengale, Bloomington, Indiana

Tom Lebherz, Head Coach
Doug Matchett, Team Leader
Rene Massengale, Team Leader
Linda Klotz, Team Leader
Mary Essex, Team Manager



What are the Deaflympics?

The Deaflympics have been in existence since they were first held in Paris in 1924. Originally called the Silent Games, the name was changed to Deaflympics in 1991. The Summer Deaflympics are held every four years and involve an entire range of sports including swimming. The World Deaf Swimming Championships also occur every four years and alternate with the Deaflympics.

This year’s Deaflympics are being hosted in Samsun, Turkey, a northern coastal city on the Black Sea Coast. Samsun is a modern city of about 500,000 citizens and has welcomed the nations participating in the Deaflympics to it’s beautiful coast.

The swimming competition will take place at the Atakum Olympic Swimming Pool in Samsun; and will last for 6 days. The competition schedule for the games and for swimming can be found at the following link:

Link: Deaflympics Swimming Competition

The Opening Ceremonies for the Deaflympic Games will take place on July 18th, 2017.


June 29, 2017 - Lexi, Harry, Brendan and Kevin Regert



   On Friday June 30, 2017, the American Red Cross will be presenting JCC Swimmer Lexi Regert with the National Lifesaving Award/ Certificate of Merit. This is the Red Cross’s highest lifesaving award, and is signed by the President of the United States.

On September 9, 2015 Lexi and her brother Brendan (also a former swimmer) used skills learned in Red Cross classes to sustain the life of their father Kevin Regert (a Maryland Swimming Official…) who had gone into cardiac arrest following a post-surgery reaction to medication. (See the story below…)

September 2015..

Several of you know or know of Brendan Regert…

A few years ago, he was award the Lifesaving award for being on a team that resuscitated a 23 yr old staff member of the JCC who had collapsed with SCA…

Last Wednesday, at about 3:30 in the morning, Brendan’s mother was woken up by the barking of the family dog (Harry). Brendan’s father had had surgery the day before, and wasn’t in bed; Brendan’s mom found him downstairs collapsed In a chair and cyanotic…

She called for Brendan, who did CPR on his dad for about twenty minutes…

His 11 year old sister Lexi (who learned calling 911 and importance of CPR first in our swim lesson program, then as part of BAT and Junior Lifeguarding as part of our aquatics camp) called 911 and brought Brendan his CPR mask and lifeguard bag, then waited for the ambulance and brought the crew to where her father was…

Kevin was taken to Sinai; he regained consciousness on Saturday


June 21, 2017 - New USA Swimming Safe Sport Reporting Program

US Center for SafeSport

The USA Swimming community is proud of the Safe Sport program that we’ve worked to build over the last seven years. Safe Sport’s mission is to inspire a culture of athlete and member protection at all levels of USA Swimming.

Today, we’re pleased to let you know of another positive step in our overall effort related to safety: the opening of the U.S. Center for SafeSport. The Center is an effort of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movement’s 47 national governing bodies, including USA Swimming. More information on the Center can be found at, and more information about USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Program can be found at

The focus of the Center is to provide services in two areas:
(1) to provide prevention training and tools and;
(2) to act as an independent party to investigate and resolve allegations of sexual misconduct against any person within the jurisdiction of the national governing bodies, including USA Swimming.

As a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Swimming has agreed, effective July 1, 2017, to adhere to the Center’s policies and procedures, which include the Center’s SafeSport Code that identifies prohibited conduct and the procedures for investigating and resolving allegations. The Center will have exclusive authority and jurisdiction to investigate and resolve allegations involving sexual misconduct against any USA Swimming member or former USA Swimming member who is alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct while a member.

USA Swimming and the Center for Safe Sport require all members to report suspected Safe Sport violations related to or accompanying sexual misconduct to the Center for SafeSport. Information on reporting to the Center can be found at

The Center will have the jurisdiction and authority to impose sanctions against USA Swimming members (as well as members of other national governing bodies), and USA Swimming will enforce any suspension, measure or other sanction levied by the Center for SafeSport.

USA Swimming will retain the authority to investigate and resolve alleged violations of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct that are non‐sexual in nature including physical misconduct, emotional misconduct, bullying, hazing, and harassment.

The USA Swimming Safe Sport program will continue to offer training and education services to all members. Our library of resources is available at

June 21, 2017 - Remembering Aaron Laciny

The Maryland Swimming Family extends its sad condolences to the family of Aaron Laciny. The Laciny family is a true swimming family as Aaron and his 5 brothers and sisters, have all been members of the Retriever Aquatic Club swim team. Aaron was struck, and killed, by a hit and run driver while riding his bike on North Charles Street in Baltimore. Please keep the family in your prayers as they travel this very painful, and long, road of mourning a very talented and special young man.

June 17, 2017 - Scholastic All American Program Applications Open

Scholastic All-America Program

Application Process open from June 1- August 15, 2017

2016-2017 Academic Qualifications

•Grade completion requirement – applicant must have completed 10th, 11th, or 12th grade GPA Requirement – minimum 3.5 GPA for the current academic year.

•A=4, B=3, C=2. If numerical grades are used, the following scale will be used unless the school’s letter grade conversion is given on the transcript: A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79.

•Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual credit college level academic courses will earn one half (.5) extra Grade Point. Grades for academic subjects only are calculated – history/social studies, English, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, arts (visual and performing), computer sciences. A grade lower than a C in an academic subject will mean automatic rejection of the applicant. Grades for non-academic courses will NOT be calculated – band, choir, health, driver education, physical education, and any other class marked non-academic on a transcript.

•There will be no special status designation for a 4.0 GPA other than for a national champion who also has a 4.0 GPA.

Pool Requirements

•Applicants must have swum an individual pool time equal to a 2016 Winter Junior qualifying time in any individual event during the SAA qualifying period (August 16, 2016 – August 15, 2017) with qualifying times in SWIMS – list of times are posted on the USA Swimming website. A qualifying time will be available for selection from the SWIMS database during the application process. Only ONE time is necessary and only ONE application is necessary.

•Disability or Open Water Requirements (for athletes without pool requirements)
• 2017 Deaflympics– July 18-30, 2017, Samsun, Turkey
• 2016 Can-Am Open – November 25-27, 2016, Miami, FL
• 2017 Speedo Can-Am Para Championships – Mar 31-Apr 2, 2017, Windsor, ON

• 2017 Open Water National Championships – May 19-21, 2017, Castaic Lake, CA

Learn more here:

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