More Deck Pass Info/Swimmer Recon

20 Oct More Deck Pass Info/Swimmer Recon

Did you know????

If you have a swimmer at a meet who was not entered for one reason or another – you can prove their USA real time membership – by pulling up your Team Roster on your Club Portal – on the Head Coach’s Deck Pass – that roster is linked directly to SWIMS  –  is real time – and is accepted by USA Swimming as proof of an athlete’s current registration. You can show this to the Meet Referee and the Meet Director as proof – and the meet personnel may, at their discretion, add your swimmer who was somehow missed…

Per USA Swimming, no printouts or rosters of any other kind are acceptable – only the Deck Pass Roster.. This way you do not need to have the swimmer wait to get the ok from the MDSI office that the swimmer is registered and good to swim!

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