Deck Pass Information from USA Swimming

22 Dec Deck Pass Information from USA Swimming

For mobile devices, Deck Pass Plus replaced the old Deck Pass app. This is available for Apple (iPhone App Store) and for Android (Google Play Store). Member status information can also be viewed on our website ( under the “My Deck Pass” link after logging in. The website version of Deck Pass can be viewed in any browser on a mobile device (phone, iPad, Kindle, etc.) or on a laptop or desktop. Deck Pass Plus and the USA Swimming Website version of Deck Pass support the new Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) and Coach Advantage Tutorial (CAT) requirements. These can be seen in either the Member Status section of the main Deck Pass page, or on the member card, which is viewable in Deck Pass as well. CPT will show as “Met” and CAT will show the expiration date if current. The only platform that does not show the CPT / CAT status is the old Deck Pass App. It is no longer supported and has not been updated in quite a while, but some people still have it installed on their mobile devices.The old Deck Pass mobile app will not show any of the new requirement statuses. Deck Pass Plus is now free for download, and we suggest everyone uninstall the old Deck Pass App if they still have it, and replace it with the current “Deck Pass Plus” App. 

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