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November 22, 2019 - Mentoring Credit Checks Being Mailed Out this Week

For each mentoring opportunity coaches took advantage of – they received a $25 credit as part of our MDSI Coach Education Programs. Checks for those credits are being mailed out to Head Coaches, to please distribute to their staff members. Participation was not pretty – 3.55% of all registered coaches! Clubs need to make sure their coaches are all aware of the educational opportunities and have them  take advantage of those that are  paid for by MDSI.

2019 Coach Mentoring Events

ASCA, ISCA, Retreat, Convention, D & I Roundtable
USA Leadership Summit , USA Women’s Coaches Summit
Spring Coaches Meeting, HOD Coaches Meeting
USA Mighty Mids Clinic , Eddie Reese Clinic & UT Austin
Eastern States,  USA Select Camp Clinic

November 22, 2019 - New ROCK Head Coach

Congratulations to new ROCK Head Coach Holly Bradley!

November 21, 2019 - BAG FOUND at ACA Meet

Black Bag – with locked electronic device inside – please contact to identify and claim.

November 3, 2019 - Concussion Protocol and C.A.T. Update

USA Swimming has just sent an email that the % of coaches, nationwide, who have completed the Concussion Protocol and C.A.T. courses is around 10% – Please get both of these done ASAP -They are mandatory by January 1st…C.A.T, will automatically drop into your data – but you need to email a copy of your Concussion Certificate to the MDSI office. A coach cannot be on the practice – or meet – deck if both are not complete by 1/1/2020.


October 20, 2019 - 2020 MDSI Swim Bag Tags Have Been Mailed Out

The 2020 Annual Swim Bag Tags from MDSI have been mailed to all clubs, based on their current registration member information.

There are This is My Swim Bag  Maryland State Flag Tags for 8 & Unders and all age FLEX swimmers .

There are Yellow (MALE) and Pink (FEMALE) tags for 14 & U State Championship Qualifying Times meet – for all 9-14 year olds.

There are White tags showing the  Qualifying Times for the Senior Championship Meet for all 15 -18 year olds. (Men one side/Women one side)

If you need more tags as your membership ages up, transfers in, switches from FLEX to Year Round, or joins your club – please email the MD Swim office  with exactly which tags you need – and how many.