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October 15, 2018 - Notes from October 9 Board Meeting

These are Notes not Minutes – to keep you abreast of what was discussed  – they have not been approved .. Any comments or questions – please email

October 4, 2018 - 2019 Athlete Bag Tags

2019 Bag Tags for 8 & Unders and  2019 14&U and Senior State Championship Meets Q-Times for 9-18 year olds will be mailed out over the next few weeks.

Per vote at HOD – USA Swimming Time Standards Tags will be mailed by request only –  if you want them for your swimmers – Please how many of each Age and each Gender…i.e. 11-12 Girls, 15-16 Boys

September 23, 2018 - Performance Award Submissions CLOSED

October 1, 2018 was the deadline to submit Summer Performance Award Applications. Any submission after Oct. 1 will receive a 10% reduction in award.


September 10, 2018 - Women’s Leadership Summit Report

Cassie Sorna, EST, and Emily Pieklo, FAST, just represented MDSI at the USA Swimming Fall Women’s Leadership Summit in Hendersonville, NC.. Their report is attached – if you have any questions – you can reach out to either or both ladies.

Women’s Leadership Summit 2018

September 7, 2018 - New Coaches’ Rep to the Board

Good evening all,

As you know, the board received notification that the Coaches Committee Chair wished to step down. Please join me in thanking Jeb Beaver for the great job he has done over the years with our coach mentoring programs, helping with the schedule and the annual Coaches meeting, working with coaches to identify their concerns and needs and representing them to the Board of Directors to champion their goals to better serve our athletes.

The MDSI office pulled together an announcement to the coaches and solicited interest from coaches wishing to step up to serve the rest of this term. Three coaches expressed interest. Per our by laws, the coaches voted and Trevor Rill, Head Coach of OPST,  was elected as their new Chair.

Trevor is a strong advocate for both coach and swimmer needs. Please join me in congratulating Trevor and supporting him in his new role on the MDSI Board of Directors.


J. Wade Atkins,
Vice Chair, Administration
Maryland Swimming