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April 9, 2018 - College Decisions

Any more college decisions to submit?  Send to:

April 9, 2018 - OPST New Head Coach

Trevor Rill has been named the new Head Coach for OPST. Brooks will stay on for awhile to help with the transition.

April 8, 2018 - 2018 Olympic Training Center Trip

Applications were emailed out today – get yours back to Jeb by May 1st – or bring to him at coaches’ meeting at HOD.

April 6, 2018 - Tests Unavailable

The Rules and Regulations for Swim Coaches test will be unavailable from April 15-30. The officials’ online tests will also be unavailable on these dates. All of these tests are being updated to allow for the May 1st rule changes. There is no grace period for coaches; they cannot be on deck at practice or meets until they meet the education requirement. The Rules and Regulations for Swim Coaches test is part of the 2nd year coach membership requirement. You may get calls from panicked coaches but there is nothing they can do until the updated tests are back online May 1st.

Denise Thomas, USA Swimming