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September 25, 2019 - Come Prepared to Show Your Green Deck Pass (Plus)

Coaches should have upgraded to the new (FREE) Deck Pass Plus for 2020.

All Coaches and Officials need to come to every meet prepared to show a green Deck Pass to gain access.  No exceptions.



September 25, 2019 - 12-Under Tech Suit Ban as per USA Swimming

12-Under Tech Suit Ban as per USA Swimming

– effective 9/1/2019 – MD Swimming

– effective 9/1/2020 – USA Swimming

No Technical Suit may be worn by any 12 & Under USA Swimming athlete member in competition at any Sanctioned,Approved or Observed meet.

1. Exceptions to the foregoing restriction are only for Junior Nationals, US Open, National Championships, and Olympic Trials.

2. A Technical Suit is one that has the following components:

a. Any suit with any bonded or taped seams regardless of its fabric or silhouette; or

b. Any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips.—restrictions-on-tech-suits-for-12-and-unders.pdf

We use this year as an opportunity to be preventive and educational, if we notice an tech suit violation on a 12&U prior/after a race or at the meet,we use this as an opportunity to educate coach then rely on the coach(es) to educate athletes and parents regarding the rule. Issue warnings during the 2019-2020 season, and hold off on disqualifications until USA Swimming implements the rule in 2020. We feel that the Referee should approach the coach to talk about the suit and not approach the athlete.

We feel it is also each team’s responsibility to educate the parents and it should start now. Each team should develop a policy on this issue and enforceit this season so it doesn’t become an issue next year when the rule goes into effect in USA Swimming. That being said, we also feel it is the responsibility of MDSI board to send that message out to each team and the team’s leadership needs to enforce it.


The Meet notice and events files for the NAAC Holiday Blast, November 30th Meet – have been revised – and reposted.

September 21, 2019 - New January 1, 2020 Coach Requirements

ALL coaches must complete the CDC or NFHS Concussion Protol – send the office the copy of your certificate – as well as the USA Swimming on line CAT (Coaches Advantage Tutorial) BEFORE January 1…or coach membership will default to “other” and you cannot be on deck after January 1, 2020.

September 21, 2019 - Summer Athlete Performance Awards Checks

Applications close October 1..No checks will be issued for requests turned in after the deadline.

Copy of Performance Awards Application Form-1