May 20, 2020

Dear Coaches,

The state and local guidelines/rules will govern how pools re-open in Maryland.  The Maryland Swimming Board and USA Swimming caution you to explicitly follow these.  Please be aware of the following insurance pieces:

USA Swimming has two key insurance coverages:

·         General Liability, which is silent on COVID, which means coverage is on a case-by-case basis

·         Participant Accident , which is for accidents/injuries only – COVID is excluded

There are two key requirements in order for insurance to apply:

·         Compliance with most stringent jurisdiction re-opening guidelines

·         Continued compliance with USA Swimming guidelines (safe sport, certifications, virtual dryland, etc.)

Let me be clear:

·         If any team/club or coach puts athletes back in the water outside the state/local rules, especially in outdoor pools, INSURANCE DOES NOT HOLD. 

·         If any coach is sponsoring physical workouts with athletes, you are most likely in violation of state/local rules as well as Safe Sport rules.  STOP


When the state/local rules allow for pool openings, each club needs to work closely with the facility, using the USA Swimming Reopening Plan.

Please keep athletes and coaches safe.  The risk of opening against the rules far outweighs the benefits.


Anna Summerfield, General Chair – Maryland Swimming.