Open Water

MD Swimming Open Water Board Chair: Chris Swensen, NAAC

MD Swimming Open Water All Star Team Coach: Fred Hviid, MAC

Open Water Athlete Board Rep: Kelsey Cashman, EST   

National 5 K: Caroline Benda, Emma Atkinson, Alexandra Vanderloo, Henry Morrissey, Zachary Smith, Ronan Lauinger
Junior National 5K: Penny Lazar, Naomi Furman, Jordyn Ricciotti, Alexandra Harner, Hannah Neilly, Matthew Boehme, Matthew Merke, Dylan DeWitt, Brady Tierney, Jameson Vanderloo
Junior National 7.5 K: Ella Dyjak, Meaghan Lynch, Catherine Mesiner, Storrie Kulynych, Norah Rome, Jet Rosner, John Fitzsimmons, Charles Perk, Jay Freeman, John Koebel


BST’s Josh McIntire is headed to Dubai, South Africa to represent the USA in the World Beach Patrol Championships, September 2019. He made the elite team based on his results at the USA National Championships this August in Virginia Beach, VA


Pictures from the 2019 Eastern Zone Open Water Championship Meet

Maryland Swimmers shine at Eastern Zone Open Water Championships:



2019 Maryland Swimming Open Water All Star Team Headed to Eastern Zone Championship Meet

ASC : Grant Murphy

CAA : Zach Zinderman, Matthew Merke, Zuilda Nwaeze

CBAC: Anna Boarman, Jay Pawloski

EST: Zach Smith, Connor Cashman, Caden Cashman, Kelsey Cashman

FSC: Julia Fondersmith, Ana Czaja, Leo Czaja

GBSA: Alexandra Cucchiaro

MAC: Alexander Riedel, Andrew Starvaggi

NAAC: Andrew Pitta, Charlie Pitta, Courtney Fellers, Connor Drucis, Kohl Hanes, Palmer Bice, Storrie Kulynych-Irvin, William Malone, Ian Foulk

NBAC: John Koebel, Brooke Shinnick, Caitlin Hurley, Carolina Benda, Grace Sharper, John Fitzsimmons, Eva Villagomez, Harrison Belbot, Meghan Benda, Alexandra Harner

RAC: Sofie Hogue, Geoffrey Cradock, Sarah Daly, Taylor Emrich

SPRC: Teagan Polish


NBAC’s Caroline Benda Rocks the 2019  Bay Swim

Today was a very different Bay Swim for two reasons. This was on record the first time ever that the 4.4 full crossing was converted to a shorter distance. After researching and asking some of my long time 20+ year veteran friends, it appears the swim has been cancelled entirely before due to conditions, but never converted shorter. This year’s 2 Mile edit was a first.

The more impressive first of the day, was a female taking the overall win. In all of race history, a male has been the top finisher, with rare, but a few occasions of a female cracking into the overall top three. While today wasn’t the full distance, history was still made when Caroline Benda of NBAC got to the timing mats first, ahead of hundreds of more experienced racers mixed of both genders.

Caroline swims with a distinct stroke, so as soon as the lead swimmer was in sight, I was fairly certain it was her. Coach Sue from CAA confirmed it was a female by noticing the cap had a ponytail stretching in back. In an exciting finish with two men charging her from the side with late surges, Caroline held them off and received a roar of screams from the spectators on shore.

Speaking with Caroline after the race was one of the most humble conversations you could imagine. She is very down to earth and blissfully unaware of her greatness. Her noteworthy achievement out in the Bay seemed like nothing more to her than finishing a typical practice. You may recognize Caroline’s mom in the photo, Marci, who is on deck at all of our championship swim meets as the Maryland Swimming Awards Chair.

Big day for Caroline and big day for open water swimming in Maryland! I would not be surprised to see Caroline appear on one of the US Open Water National Teams at some point in the future.

Contributed by  CAA Coach and  previous Bay Swimmer, Stephen Henderson

MD Swimming Policy for Open Water All Star Team Selection

LSC OPEN WATER ALL STAR TEAM Any team whose swimmer(s) place in the top 4 in the MD Swimming SCY Top 20, in the qualifying events, and has achieved at least an AAA time standard, as of the most recent SCY season, running from September until the conclusion of the most recent 14 & U and Senior State Championship Meets, may be awarded $300 towards that swimmer(s) attending the LSC All Star Open Water Meet. The qualifying event to be: 10 & U 500 Free, 11-12 500 Free, 13-14 1650 Free and 15-18 1650 Free. If swimmers in the top 4 positions decline to attend the event, the position will be offered to the next person on the list. The award will only be made to the team if the swimmer accepting the spot has placed in the Top 20 for the qualifying event, achieving an AAA time standard, and competes in the LSC All Star Open Water Meet.

Filing to be done within 30 days of the last day of the Meet attended.