The Evening Sun Meet 1923-1979 – Honor Contributor



1923     On July 23 an article on the upcoming (August 25, 1923) first Evening Sun Meet  proclaimed, “If you don’t know how to swim, start to learn at once.  You have plenty of time to get ready between now and….”  So The Evening Sun Swimming Meet began its long journey intoMaryland swimming history.


Early stars included Ben Mitchell, George Balke, Loretta and Lillian Cannon, Laura Calligan and, of course, Anna McCleary.


Makeup of events comprised of weight classes for under 16 males – a 95 lb. and a 115 lb. class.   There were also unlimited events for both sexes


1927     456  swimmers were in attendance with girl’s event classes as under 12,  under14 and under 16 and unlimited.  Octavia Getz, a telephone operator, “practices her strokes every night in the Patterson Park Pool.”


1928          We see more of the scope of the meet as Super Gold Badge contestants competed in races and water skills.


To win a Super Gold Badge swimmers had to:

  • swim 50 Crawl in 40 seconds
  • swim 220 Free in 3:30
  • swim 25 Back in 30 seconds
  • do 20 minute swim without stopping or touching anything
  • do 100 yards for form in 25 Breast, Back, Side and Crawl
  • tread water for 1 ½ minutes
  • perform tired swimmers and cross chest carries, do carry tows,

surface dive and perform the Shafer Method of Resuscitation

  • perform fancy diving


William Pitman, Public Athletic League Director, said that 4, 247 had taken part in swimming tests that year.  “We taught 5,564 people to swim at least 10 yards, conducted 203 training meets in which 3,183 boys and girls participated.”   At this time dips in city pools were three cents for children and five cents for adults for a one hour swim which included towel and suit.




Events included such things as the “Rubber Horse Race (with whips) for junior boys in the 115 lb. Class.”  Community involvement was high when The Evening Sun Newsboys Bandplayed as athletes marched around the pool and sang the Star Spangled Banner.  The meet was run in two 25 yard courses across the pool.   Events were classified as A, B, C.  Hall from YMCA won the  A, 50 in 26  2/5.    Teams such as the Police-Postal Special Relay and New Amsterdam Casualty Company entered relays in the competition.




YEAR                TEAM                                        VENUE


1923                 Maryland S.C.                          Druid Hill

1924                 Maryland S.C.                          Druid Hill

1925                 Patterson Park                         Druid Hill

1926                 Clifton Park                             Druid Hill

1927                 Clifton Park                             Druid Hill

1928                 Clifton Park                             Druid Hill

1929                 Clifton Park                             Druid Hill





1931     August 31:  “Today the big tank is being drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water.”  Nine hundred and forty seven swimmers in meet.   Palooka Swim Club of the Naval Academy was led by Ray Thompson.   Thompson, a Poly graduate and later in 1932 a U.S. Olympian won the 100 Free in 57.2.


1932     Dodgeball in the shallow end and rubber boat races.   They are in the shape of a rectangle with a slight point at one end and their chief diversion is taking the paddler to a point contrary to that which he is aiming.


“Arthur Hucht, Patterson Park Swimming  Champion, is the first person to send in his entry blank for this year’s meet.  Last year he took first honors in the 115 lb. Class 200 Free Relay and Novelty Swim.”


1933            Honorary Referee:   Howard W. Jackson, Mayor of Baltimore.

Other famous Judges:   Harold S. Callowhill and Ernest B. Marx.


Record 3,000 spectators for the meet.

1934     Record 1,000 swimmers for the first time.  Paul Pardew, Meadowbrook, won the 50 Free in Junior Unlimited.

1935     In the locker rooms there was concerted hum as each murmured to his neighbor,   “I’m in shape today, watch my smoke.”


1937        Sherwood Forest won the meet.


1938        Pat Ryan was coach of Knights of Columbus Team and Jimmy Russell (diving) and

Doris Baugher (30.6 50 Free) competed.
1939     K of C won led by the Baugher Girls, Red Hucht, Brent Farber, the Lussier Girls and young PatRyan.  Anna (McCleary) Marriott returned to competition 15 years after 1924 Olympics and won the 50 Back while her son Bill Marriott won the ll5 lb. Free




YEAR                TEAM                                        VENUE

1930                 Clifton Park                             Druid Hill

1931                 Patterson Park                         Druid Hill

1932                 Bay Shore                                 Druid Hill

1933                 Meadowbrook                        Druid Hill

1934                 Meadowbrook                        Druid Hill

1935                 Tie:  Patterson and                  Druid Hill

Sherwood Forest

1936                 Sherwood Forest                      Druid Hill

1937                 Druid Hill                                  Druid Hill

1938                 Druid Hill                                  Druid Hill

1939                 Knights of Columbus               Druid Hill





1940 K of C defeated by National Airport Team from D. C.

1,376 swimmers.


1941 1,659 swimmers, the all time record.

“The entire pool was drained, scrubbed and filled with fresh water.” (over a million gallons)


1942 Head Timer:  John McCleary.

Meet held at private Lakewood because of war and shutdown of public facilities.

Only 382 swimmers.

Special evening and afternoon programs because of split shift work schedules.

Special events for members of the Armed Forces.


1943     Adolph Kiefer won 100 Back in 58.8.


1945 Arthur Price coached the Lakewood Team.

Stars Henry Steingass, Mickey Pardew and Lieu.  Jimmy Russell competed.


1946 Joe Verdeur won 100 Breast in 1:03.4.

Irene Brown was The Sun reporter at this time.


1949     687 entrants.  Jesse Greenbaum was the star of the Lakewood Team along with Tom Fickensher, Jimmy Thomas and Madeleine Werner.





YEAR                TEAM                                        VENUE


1940                 National Airport                      Druid Hill

1941                 National Airport                      Druid Hill

1942                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1943                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1944                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1945                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1946                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1947                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1948                 Lakewood                               Lakewood

1949                 Lakewood                               Lakewood




1950          Casey-Lakers, a combined team of K of C and Lakewood, coached by Walt Hurley and Harry Baugher.

Meet venue now returned to Patterson Park.


1951          Jimmy Thomas of City College and UNC, a recent American Recordholder in the 300 IM (3:50.1) swam in the “Sun” meet.


1952          Star swimmer:  Lou McComas.


1953          442 entered.


1954          Chapel Hill Swim Club sends four swimmers, Ronnie Peacock of Y-Brook sets a new record.


1955          Robert Sommers writes for The Sun.


1958          Tim Schweizer and Hope Smith are top swimmers for Meadowbrook, Joyce Poirier swam Back for KCO, Jimm Maldeis was shooting for 202 in the 200 Free.




YEAR                TEAM                            VENUE

1950                 Casey-Lakers                Patterson

1951                 Casey-Lakers                Patterson

1952                 Casey-Lakers                Patterson

1953                 K of C                          Patterson

1954                 KCO                             Patterson

1955                 KCO                             Patterson

1956                 KCO                             Patterson

1957                 KCO                             Patterson

1958                 KCO                             Patterson

1959                 KCO                             Patterson




1960          William Costello writes for The Sun.  Fred “Dutch”  Leidig administrates the meet.


1961          Events are longer reflecting the new crop of stars.  “Quite a difference from the meets early years when most of the card consisted of contests like balloon derbies, diving for marbles and reacing across the pool on inflated animals.”


1962          York Y challenges for title.  Margo and Marcia Pearce, Leann Seehusen and Debby Hope lead KCO women.


1964 Steve Hildenbrand returns from UNC to swim for KCO.

Larry Shane writes for The Sun.

Liz McCleary wins three events.


1967          Towson Y fields a strong team with Bob Gavin looking for a Butterfly record while KCO star Buster Yonych is off swimming in Chicago.

Tom Callahan writes for The Sun.

Ellen Feldman wins 13-14 100 Back 1:10.2.


1968          Rematch with the Butterflyers Yonych and Gavin.

Gavin swims for a new team North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

Tom Callahan notes that “Baltimore has no Olympic sized pool.”

Sue Keats returns with four National Medals for the meet.


1969     Guy Babylon and Frank Sica dominate 11-12 boys for NBAC but KCO wins the meet. Sica joins Roger Weinberg and Don Hubbard on the NBAC relay.




YEAR                TEAM                            VENUE


1960                 KCO                             Patterson

1961                 KCO                             Patterson

1962                 KCO                             Patterson

1963                 KCO                             Patterson

1964                 KCO                             Patterson

1965                 KCO                             Patterson

1966                 KCO                             Patterson

1967                 KCO                             Patterson

1968                 KCO                             Patterson

1969                 KCO                             Patterson




1972          “North Baltimore snaps Orchards domination in Sun Meet.”  Albert Fischer writes for The Sun.

Pam and Kim Shettle continue to star for KCO.  Paula Crawford, John  Patzschke and Steve Everett led NBAC.

NBAC  co-Coach, Tim Pearce (sic) was even more emphatic.  “The first 50 years belonged to the Orchards, the next 50 are ours,” Pearce exaggerated.


1973     Meet unscored for the first time.  Kim Shettle establishes two records.  Al Fischer noted that Reds Hucht is a veteran of forty-four Evening Sun Meets.


1975          T. Andrews NAJSC wins 50 Free and 50 Back (31.3).  Fifth in 50 Breast (36.50) just ahead of Polly Winds NBAC (36.91).

Wendy Weinberg wins 200 Free.


1978          Patrick Kennedy first in 100 Fly 13-14 (57.4)

Doug Brown writes for The Evening Sun.


1979          Michelle Griglione wins five events.




YEAR                TEAM                            VENUE


1970                 KCO                             Riverside

1971                 KCO                             Talbott Springs

1972                 North Baltimore           Talbott Springs

1973                 Unscored                     Talbott Springs

1974                 Unscored                     Talbott Springs

1975                 Unscored                     Talbott Springs

1976                 Unscored                     Talbott Springs

1977                 Unscored                     Navy

1978                 Unscored                     JHU

1979                        Unscored                               Howard CC