John Ferrari – Honor Contributor

John Ferrari got involved in competitive swimming as so many parents do, out of love, love for his son, Jay, whose participation provided the spark which ignited in John 20 years of service to Maryland Swimming. John began as an official, a position he would hold for twenty years. John continued by becoming the head of Officials for Maryland Swimming, overseeing the recruitment, retention training and evaluation of officials in the Maryland LSC. He additionally served as Treasurer, Equipment Manager and finally, General Chair for two terms, four years. Under John’s direction, Maryland Swimming’s mission statement was written and the Maryland Swimming Grant Program was designed, developed and implemented. This Grant program had become a model for LSC’s throughout USA Swimming and has awarded over a quarter million dollars to clubs over the years. Others have served in these posts over the years, perhaps not in as wide a variety of posts, while it is for the professionalism with which he accomplished these tasks , John Ferrari is being honored also for the manner in which he accomplished them. One colleague remarked, “John did the impossible, he had no enemies in Maryland Swimming, everyone loved him.” Another said, “John was a man who could do it all, he was a doer and he did it in a way that the other board members, officials and club members felt comfortable working with him. Maryland Swimming is truly honored to have a man like John who dedicated so much time and effort to making our LSC one of the best in the country. For his 20 years of selfless service to Maryland Swimming, John is inducted into the Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame.