John Considine – Honor Contributor

Often the claim is made that involvement in swimming narrows one’s focus or limits a full range of activities. To those who mistakenly believe so we offer John Considine. Husband (47 years), Father (six children, four living), Professional Engineer, Active Parish Volunteer (two dozen committees), Maryland Swim Chairman (1975-78), Maryland AAU President (1978-81), Official, Maryland Officials Club (1972), United States Swimming Phillips Service Award (1988) and Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame (1986).

Born ten houses from Oriole Park on Barclay Street, John Considine played Sand Lot and High School Baseball and Football and was unaware of the effect his neighbors’ activities would have on his future. Neighbor Ed Tormey’s father designed Lakewood Pool where John would watch John McCleary suntan and Jimmy Russell would dive exhibitions. Another neighbor, Bill Melville, swam with men named Hucht and Steingass who John would associate with in the future. Another neighborhood landmark was a beverage store operated by the Shettle family. “Swimming,” the neighborhood common denominator around him, did not become a major part of his life for another two decades.

In l964, the Considine family joined Campus Cabana Pool with five children who learned to swim and joined the Club Team in the Free State Swim League. As a parent, John became the “voice” at home meets and a timer or judge at away meets. In l970, Tom Pierce invited the family to join NBAC. A parent of boys and girls, John met himself coming and going at weekend Age Group Meets. Like a good father, he graduated from Timer to Stroke/Turn Judge, Timer Console Operator, Starter, Clerk of Course, Meet Director Referee. Free State League President, NBAC AAU Representative, AAU Maryland Swimming Chairman, AAU South Atlantic Association President and AAU Life Member.

John has been a Certified Referee for swimming since l972. As a Nationally Certified Official, he served at Senior Nationals from l975 to l977. At NBAC he was Meet Director beginning in l972 and directed the Region II Senior Meet in l974. As a member of the Maryland Officials Club, John has officiated at summer leagues, High School and College meets. He has been MOC President twice and currently serves as Commissioner of Summer Swimming and Diving Officials. In l987 he was Referee for the Collegiate National Catholic Invitational Swimming and Diving Championships at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Despite having no active family in swimming since l979, John maintained an active officiating life and served on the MD/USA Swimming Grievance Committee. From 1992 until 2002, John served as Chairman of the Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame and organized the Awards Dinners.

In l994 Bishop William Newman honored John with the Archdiocese of Baltimore Medal of Honor for Significant Contributions in the Life of the Church. Somehow John had managed to surpass himself again in his contributions to swimming in the Maryland area. John Considine passed away May 11, 2003.