Dick Flugrath – Honor Contributor

Dick Flugrath became involved in swimming as so many do, through the involvement of his children. Dick’s children began swimming when the family lived in New Hampshire at the Nassau YMCA. When the family moved to Maryland, they joined the Columbia Swim Association where Dick eventually became President of the club. As president, Dick became Columbia’s delegate to Maryland swimming where he eventually came to play an integral role in the transition from AAU to United States Swimming. He played a part in the development of the Eastern Zone All Star Meet, expanding the meet schedule in the Maryland LSC to allow for more competition, and providing funding for national level competitors from Maryland. Far from the glare of the winner’s platform, in countless meetings and conferences, Dick Flugrath worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a better Maryland Swimming for countless young men and women. For his love of and leadership in the sport of swimming, Dick Flugrath is inducted into the Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame.