Carol Chidester – Honor Coach

Carol Chidester, Age Group Coach, Coach of Developing Olympians, Masters Champion, Wife, Mother of four children and Grandmother of two, made her mark on Maryland Swimming in a too brief seven year coaching career with the Navy Junior Swim Team. Previous coaching experience at Michigan Stateand UCLA was rekindled through her Maryland Masters swimming experience during which she was a double World Record Holder in the 45-49 age group and a quadruple Gold Medalist at the l990 US Masters Championship.

In her seven years with the Navy Junior program, she elevated the program to top Junior and Senior National performance. Already a local legend for her summer team coaching, she instituted a planned four-year Olympic Training Plan for her Age Group Team. Training, coaching and managing her family while battling a long fight with cancer, Carol clearly instilled in her group the highest goals. Her stars at the l991 Junior Nationals, Brad Schumacher, Joan Chidester and Lisa Pastrana are currently carrying on her training. Joan swims for the l997 NCAA Champion University of Southern California Women’s Team. Lisa coaches as an Assistant for the U.S. Naval Academy Team. And Brad Schumacher, Double Relay Gold Medalist in the l996 Olympics, will shortly compete for the U. S. at the FINA World Championship in both Water Polo and Swimming. A feat that no one has attempted in forty years.

In a personal remembrance, Brad Schumacher comments, “She was unwilling to limit us and most importantly herself. Carol challenged us everyday to be the best that we could be and dream of things even greater.”

Carol herself said that she hoped to be a “shining example” for her swimmers as her own coaches had been for her. Clearly her cup remains a full one.