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USA Swimming presents the new Safe Sport Policy for Prevention of Minor Athlete Abuse



Safe Sport Chair Maryland Swimming: Sondra Hunt  MDswimsafesport@gmail.com

Newest Safe Sport Recognized Clubs: GBSA, CA, GMAC, SPY, MAC



Heroes: Here is one of our own!

NAAC’s Coach Kelly Wojtowicz fighting the COVID-19 on the front lines wearing her Maryland Swimming lanyard!

Coach Wojo is our (NAAC) Strength Coach and also an RN in Labor and Delivery at Anne Arundel Medical Center



April 3, 2020
Maryland Swimming Coronavirus Update
Dear Coaches, Athletes, Parents and Board Members,

USA Swimming is conducting on-line meetings with LSC General Chairs. The meeting format includes updates from USA Swimming Staff and sharing of issues/ideas.
Here is a synopsis from the most recent meeting:

1. Teams are encouraged to apply for Payroll Protection and Small Business Grants. (Information is posted on MDSI website).
2. The Athlete Transfer rule (203.5) is still in play at this time. No changes.
3. Joel Shinofield, USA Swimming Staff Member, stated that reopening swimming will be coordinated across the country so swimming opens at the same time rather than some states opening and some not.
4. Joel Shinofield also stated that there is discussion about not sanctioning anything until the end of May. Decision will come out soon and will be in 30 day increments.
5. USASwimming.org is a good resource for Coronavirus information as it relates to swimming. Please visit the site.

The MDSI Board will have a zoom Board meeting on April 14th at 7 pm. Decisions made at that meeting will be communicated in a timely manner.

Thanks to each of you for keeping yourselves, your families, and the athletes safe during this crisis.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy and Stay Home.

Anna Summerfield, General Chair – Maryland Swimming







USA Swimming Statement on the Postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Until July 23, 2021


“In this globally unprecedented time, today’s joint announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 organizers was the responsible, though understandably difficult decision to make. We are incredibly thankful to have stood next to the USOPC, fellow U.S. national sports governing bodies and sport federations around the world in advocating for the health and safety of our athletes, members and their families. All athletes around the world can now focus on what is most important – safeguarding their health and being good global citizens in the wake of this extraordinary pandemic.


“We will work with our athletes, coaches, teams and committees to shift our preparations, and schedule a calendar of events that properly readies our team for 2021. We will work closely with the USOPC on rescheduling the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming to best align with Olympic Games preparations as further details become known.


“Most importantly, we will focus on finding ways to support our 400,000 members and their communities, and strategizing with our more than 3,000 clubs to ensure they are well-placed to come out of this stronger than ever.”


Tim Hinchey III
USA Swimming Chief Executive Officer


Click  Question for Covid-19 related FAQ for Clubs and coaches, with answers based on current information.

It is subject to change and we will update as necessary.



The latest update from USA Swimming: 3/17/2020

Dear USA Swimming member,


Since first communicating with our members about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have received ample feedback, much of it focused on the safety measures being recommended. We sincerely appreciate the comments and responses you are sharing.


As of today, the CDC and White House are urging a nationwide halt to gatherings of more than 10 people for the next eight weeks, citing the risk of the coronavirus. This includes avoiding eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, and food courts, and discretionary travel, shopping trips and social visits. This should also include team training and practices.


In light of the current situation, beyond the previously announced cancellation of the TYR Pro Swim Series at Mission Viejo and the postponement of the combined Open Water National and Junior National Championships, USA Swimming is mandating the cancellation of all its sanctioned events across the U.S. through April 30, 2020. This will be continuously reassessed based on health and governmental authorities’ information.


Beyond our clubs and teams, we can all play an important part in helping to curb the spread of COVID-19.


We encourage you to visit our website often for the most-up-to-date news and information: www.usaswimming.org/coronavirus.


Thank you,
USA Swimming




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MD Swimming TECH SUIT Policy – Goes into effect April 1, 2020

No technical suit shall be worn by any 12&U athlete in competition at any MDSI sanctioned, approved, or observed meet.

A technical suit is defined as:
a) any suit with bonded or taped seams regardless of fabric or silhouette
b) any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips

(WOVEN FABRIC – A suit with woven fabric and sewn seams not extending past the hips is permitted.)

(KNIT FABRIC – A suit with knit fabric and sewn seams not extending past the knees is permitted.)

Any suit without the FINA logo is approved for use by 12&U athletes, provided the FINA logo has not been removed from the suit.

Any suit with the FINA logo AND the USA Swimming “approved for 12&U” check mark (once implemented by USA Swimming and the suit manufacturers) is approved for use by 12&U athletes.

Any suit with the FINA logo is approved for use by 12&U athletes if the seams are stitched, but disapproved for use by 12&U athletes if the seams are bonded or taped.

Any athlete positively identified as wearing a prohibited suit prior to the start of an event will not be allowed to compete while wearing such suit. Any athlete positively identified as having worn a prohibited suit after the start of an event may be disqualified from the event.

MDSI expects that enforcement of this policy will be the joint responsibility of parents, coaches, and officials.

Any official or coach shall report a possible violation of the policy to the meet referee or deck referee for further investigation. The meet referee or deck referee shall consult with the coach of the athlete and may disqualify the athlete from the event if it is determined that a violation of this policy has occurred. Only the meet referee or deck referee shall be authorized to impose a disqualification for competing in a prohibited suit.

If there is any question about the legality of a suit, the benefit of the doubt shall go to the athlete.



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