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USA Swimming presents the new Safe Sport Policy for Prevention of Minor Athlete Abuse



Safe Sport Chair Maryland Swimming: Sondra Hunt  MDswimsafesport@gmail.com

Newest Safe Sport Recognized Club:  EST


May 30, 2020


General Chair COVID Update:


The Maryland Department of Health has put out a Directive and Order regarding swimming pools.  The order is for opening outdoor pools.


The following facilities are not allowed to open: wading (kiddie) pools, spas (hot tubs), spray or splash pads, and lazy river pools.  As specified in the order, fitness center and aquatic center pools are still closed.


The stipulations for opening are outlined in the order.  Maryland Swimming has a Task Force outlining a Reopening Prototype.  The Task Force is using USA Swimming Guidelines, CDC Guidelines, Health Department Rules, and local rules as the basis for the prototype.  The MDSI Reopening Prototype will be available for clubs to use ASAP.  Each club/team needs to work with the facility where they plan to practice so a safe and proper process is in place.


Coaches please contact office@mdswim.org so USA Swimming can be notified if you are in a pool that is different from your regular pool. (Insurance Coverage)


Safety is the main goal. The social distancing, mask wearing, handwashing, health parameters, etc. all must be followed to the letter.


Parents are asked to help their swimmer(s) follow all the rules.  It will not be easy for a while until we get used to the new ways.  Deck access will be limited so as to maintain the prescribed safety numbers.  Coaches will be doing their very best to get swimmers safely back into practice.  Safe Sport parameters are the same and need to be followed as well.


It is important to understand that some pools will open faster than others based on factors beyond the facilities or coaches’ control.  Please be patient.  Getting this right means we stand a better chance of keeping the sport ‘open’ and functioning for the future.


The smell of chlorine will soon be back in your house, your car, your hair, and your towels! Thanks in advance to athletes, coaches, and parents for getting swimming back in the water.


Until we can be safely together again,

Anna Summerfield, General Chair-Maryland Swimming.





The MDSI Annual HOD scheduled for May 31, 2020 has been postponed until further notice.

The MDSI Annual Spring Coaches Scheduling Meeting scheduled for May 3, 2020 has been postponed until further notice.

The Annual MDSI Athletes Meeting scheduled for May 31st, 2020 has been postponed until further notice.


Congratulations to:

   Julia Milner, FAST Winner of the 2020 Jaelyn Wiley Memorial Award

  Brody Schrepfer, NBAC – Selected to the 2020 Eastern Zone Select Camp.








MD Swimming TECH SUIT Policy – Went into effect April 1, 2020

No technical suit shall be worn by any 12&U athlete in competition at any MDSI sanctioned, approved, or observed meet.

A technical suit is defined as:
a) any suit with bonded or taped seams regardless of fabric or silhouette
b) any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips

(WOVEN FABRIC – A suit with woven fabric and sewn seams not extending past the hips is permitted.)

(KNIT FABRIC – A suit with knit fabric and sewn seams not extending past the knees is permitted.)

Any suit without the FINA logo is approved for use by 12&U athletes, provided the FINA logo has not been removed from the suit.

Any suit with the FINA logo AND the USA Swimming “approved for 12&U” check mark (once implemented by USA Swimming and the suit manufacturers) is approved for use by 12&U athletes.

Any suit with the FINA logo is approved for use by 12&U athletes if the seams are stitched, but disapproved for use by 12&U athletes if the seams are bonded or taped.

Any athlete positively identified as wearing a prohibited suit prior to the start of an event will not be allowed to compete while wearing such suit. Any athlete positively identified as having worn a prohibited suit after the start of an event may be disqualified from the event.

MDSI expects that enforcement of this policy will be the joint responsibility of parents, coaches, and officials.

Any official or coach shall report a possible violation of the policy to the meet referee or deck referee for further investigation. The meet referee or deck referee shall consult with the coach of the athlete and may disqualify the athlete from the event if it is determined that a violation of this policy has occurred. Only the meet referee or deck referee shall be authorized to impose a disqualification for competing in a prohibited suit.

If there is any question about the legality of a suit, the benefit of the doubt shall go to the athlete.


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Induction Banquet for the Maryland Swimming Hall Fame Class of 2020 will be Saturday, November 7, 2020
It will be the 35th Anniversary of the MDSI Hall of Fame and a reunion of all past inductees is planned! Make plans now to attend!

Nominations for the HOF and for the Service Medal Award are open until June 1, 2020.

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