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BCSC 2018 Unity Meet


Safe Sport – If You Don’t Speak Up. Who will?

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USA Swimming recommends the following  Tips for Parents :

Get Educated – Create Healthy Boundaries – Identify and Address High Risk Areas – Speak Up – Talk to Your Kids

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Safe Sport Training for Athletes (Coming Soon)

The USA Swimming Scholastic All America application is now open on the USA Swimming website.

This year the honor is open to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who have achieved an individual 2017 Winter Junior qualifying time (SAA qualifying time) and have a 3.5 grade point average or higher. The addition of the 9th graders to the program is new this year.

The application process is open from June 1 (it is now open) through August 15, 2018. The applicant must be logged into the USA Swimming website as the athlete in order to access the application.

USA Swimming Website
Resources/Browse more categories/Times/2017-2018 Scholastic All America Program Requirements
2017-2018 Scholastic All-America Guidelines
SAA Application

Long Course State Championship meet clothing is now available to order! Check out this link! 

Click to see photos from the BAAC Long Course Meet        Photos by Sondra Hunt

Click to see photos from the NBAC June Meet           Photos by Sondra Hunt

 EST Sizzler          Photos by John Daly

NBAC June LC Meet – Record Breaker – Easop Lee – 17-18 800 Free – Area Record – 8:48.00


USA Swimming Introduces New Membership Category – FLEX Membership

When the new registration year starts in September 2018, USA Swimming, and MDSI, will be offering a new membership category for those new entry level swimmers who want to give competitive swimming a try. The Flex Membership will be offered at a fixed rate of $20 and will allow the athlete to compete in up to two meets per year. Your club registrar will have all of the details by July 1st.


Athletes Selected to Attend the USA Swimming Annual Convention in Jacksonville, FL September 25-29, 2018

Emma Carrigg (ROCK), Kylie Kelly (FAST), Sydney Mika (ACA), Sarah Nelson (BAAC), Alexa Porter (NBAC), Nicholas Poulos (NBAC), Max Verheyen (MSC) and Noah Wilson(FCY)



Athletes Who Qualified For and Who Will Attend the Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO in September

Adeline Snyder (ACA), Mason Young (ACA), Julia Looper (CAA), Tyler May (CAA), Madeline Frick (CAC),  Danielle Ghine (EST), Colin Bitz (EST), Sophia Routzan (FAST), Alex Hain (FCY), Mat Thompson (FSC), Cameron Horner (HFY), Owen Pogwist (HFY), Lily Mead (LBA), Alan Cherches (JCC), Meghan Cole (MAC), Alexander Riedel (MAC), Evelyn Krall (NAAC), Andrew Campbell (NAA), Ryan Branon (NBAC), Nick Gordon (NBAC), Allison Tomsuden (NBAC), Sarah Daly (RAC), Ryan Harding (RAC), Sara Smith (SRC) Coaches: Elyse Gibson (RAC), Kathryn Violette (NBAC), Hilary Yager (NAAC) and Clarke Nyman (EST) 


Link to find a Red Cross Class https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class

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